Wednesday, 31 December 2014

First season of Rebel is already over - summary by Janusz

It's been awhile since we've written a new post... It's winter but we are still quite busy:)

Bruddesta, Oland Island, Sweden. Photo: Janusz Kowalski
Our first season of Rebel on the market is now done. We are happy that we could supply all of orders we received.
We are now present in whole of Scandinavia and West Europe; plus in Japan. We also have the very first Rebel kayakers in Iceland and Belgium. Soon we will have our kayaks in Italy and South Korea. It will be second country after Japan outside Europe!

We received some nice reviews recently and we are happy to share them:

Rebel in Belgium. Photo: Phil Evans
Phil from Belgium wrote to us after a few days of using his Greenland T:

"I have had many, many positive reactions on the water. It's like going out with the most beautiful girl in the school. :-) Thanks again for doing such a great job"

Larus from Iceland

"kayaks looks great. I look forward to try mine on the water"

Sveinn from Iceland

"We finally got the kayaks today.  I took it out for short test paddle this evening.  Loved it.
I have to give you a credit for how well you packed the kayaks into the box.  Very professional.  The kayaks are superb and the production is with high quality."

What can be more rewarding? NOTHING!

Where we are not present yet? We are not present in Germany and USA. Why are we mentioning this? Because while we got many private inquiries from this two countries we still do not have any dealers there. So... if You are wondering about that, pleas ask your local shop why they don't have any Rebels in stock yet ;).

Last words? hmm... There is a new kayak coming for 2015 season! Johan will write something more about that soon. Stay tuned! 


Ilaga & Volvo SUV. Photo: Eva Finder

All quotes above have permission to publicate. Photos : Janusz Kowalski, Eva Finder & Phil Evans. 

Friday, 12 September 2014

Take Ilaga from Paddle Expo 2014 in Nurnberg :)

Paddle Expo is coming soon. We take:
  • one Ilaga
  • one Greenland T
Greenland is already sold, Ilaga is still free:) If You are thinking to purchase one, it's great opportunity to do it with no cost of shipping to Nurnberg.
We will take Ilaga in Sandwich Plus - black with wooden surface on deck (like photo attached). 
Get in touch with us at

Helen Wilson and Ilaga. Photo by Mark Tozer

Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Paddle Expo 2014 / KanuMesse 2014

We would like to say shortly...

We will be at Paddle Expo 2014. It will be second expo with REBEL units inside :)

Paddle Expo will take place 28 -30 september in Nurnberg. Our booth number is X-24. We will share space together with Aquarius & FeelFree.

We will take with us:

  • Greenland T
  • Ilaga 
  • Standard
  • Big Blade 
  • Storm
If You would like to make appointment with us please write us at: 

Paddle Expo is the biggest kayak show in Europe. It's great opportunity to meet and talk about upcoming season 2015. Be welcome at our stand! 

Monday, 1 September 2014

Greenland T - play on the waves

Check this new video with: Rebel Greenland T surfing on the baltic waves at Gdansk Bay in Gdynia.

Such conditions in calm waters of sandy city beach of Gdynia (Gdansk Bay) are quite unique.  It was really fun. Video from July 2014.
kayak: Greenland T (sandwich )
paddle: Big Blade

Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Simplifying the Roll with Helen Wilson: 6 new videos!

These are a short videos of Helen Wilson and Rebel Ilaga demonstrating rolling techniques and progressions during a 'Simplifying The Roll' class hosted by KajakInn, Denmark. Enjoy!

Simplifying The Roll: SPINE ROLL



Simplifying The Roll: BUTTERFLY ROLL

Simplifying The Roll: BEHIND THE NECK ROLL

Simplifying The Roll: HAND ROLL & SHOTGUN ROLL

 Filmed by Mark Tozer

Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Where to buy Rebel Kayaks? List plus: product range

2014 is our first season on demanding market of sea kayaks. We are really happy that so much people have trusted us and started to deal with Rebel Kayaks from very beginning, even without seeing kayaks! Now, we are in the middle to high season. We already have sent kayaks to our partners and they are now available in many shops. We are so happy, because most of orders where sent based on trust of Johan's desing skills and acquaintance of Aquarius lamination technology and quality. We hope that we managed to carry out all demands of our partners and new Rebel's paddlers! Now You can find Rebel kayaks in shops over the Europe ... and Japan :)

List of countries where You can find Rebel Kayaks dealers You will find below:
  • Denmark
  • Sweden
  • Norway
  • Finland
  • England
  • France
  • Japan
  • Poland
  • South Korea [new 2015]
If You would like to get in touch with your local dealer write to us we will send You inquiry forward. If You don't see your country on list above don't worry:). We can use some extra magic power to solve problem if You willing to purchase your own Rebel! Write us and we will check what we can do.

For this moment in our range You will find:

2 Greenland kayaks:

Ilaga - low volume greenland qajaq by Johan Wirsen

  • Lenght: 545 cm
  • Width: 50 cm
  • Cocpit: 57x40 cm
  • Hatches: 2 Oval (Front & Rear)
  • Lay-up:  >>LayUp
  • Super Cool Features: Foldable backrest, Laminated bulkheads, Inside footrest mounts, Matt inside 

Greenland T - medium volume greenland qajaq in touring version by Johan Wirsen

  • Lenght: 545 cm
  • Width: 52 cm
  • Cocpit: 83 x 45 cm
  • Hatches: 3 (Round Front, Oval Rear, Small Day)
  • Lay-up: >>LayUp
  • Super Cool Features: Foldable backrest, Laminated bulkheads, Inside footrest mounts, Matt inside 

3 Greenland wooden paddles
  • learn more about paddles here: >>Paddles

1 PFD 

Any question? Do not hesitate and leave comment or write us! Join us on facebook on link below >>REBEL

Friday, 1 August 2014

Improving roll skills: Reverse Sweep & Chest Sculling

We are really delighted to see paddlers having fun with Rebel Kayaks. This is what is about, that we can provide kayaks for kayak's enthusiast and they have a lot of fun with our Rebel units:) 
As we wrote before... There is nothing more rewarding than view of paddler improving his skills on Rebel Kayak. Now You can see how he improves his skills from kayak's point of view.  
Shot by GoPro

Practicing: Reverse Sweep

Practicing: Chest Sculling

Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Improving roll skills: Side Sculling & Standar Greenland Roll

As we wrote before... There is nothing more rewarding than view of paddler improving his skills on Rebel Kayak. Paddler is using Rebel Ilaga. He has launched his own channel on Vimeo and decided to share his experiences with Rebel Ilaga. Thank You for that! At previous post we posted video with Standard Greenland Roll & Balance Brace.

Practicing: Side Sculling

Practicing: Standard Greenland Roll vol.2

Monday, 28 July 2014

Improving roll skills: Balance Brace & Standard Greenland Roll

There is nothing more rewarding than view of paddler improving his roll skills on our qajaq.
Paddler is using Rebel Ilaga. He has launched his own channel on Vimeo and decided to share his experiences with Rebel Ilaga. Thank You for that! 

Practicing: Standard Greenland Roll

Practicing: Balance Brace

Friday, 25 July 2014

Simplifying the Roll with Helen Wilson: Elbow & Behind Neck Rolls

Elbow & Behind the neck roll by Helen Wilson and Rebel Ilaga.

Demo made during Nordic Tour 2014 classes in Scandinavia.

If You have inspiring video with your Rebel please write to us. We willl be delighted to post on blog or fanpage.

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Simplifying the Roll: Shotgun Roll with Helen Wilson

Shotgun Roll by Helen Wilson and Rebel Ilaga

Demonstration made during Nordic Tour 2014 Scandinavia. 

Do You have also some inspiring video with your Rebel? Send us we can publish here :) or just post on your Rebel Fanpage: >>HERE

Monday, 21 July 2014

Simplifying the Roll: Crossed Arm Roll

Simplifying the Roll with Helen Wilson and Rebel Ilaga

Demonstration during Nordic Tour 2014 Scandinavia

Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Rebel PFD for rolling and touring

Have You seen our PFD? If not just take a look :)

Our PFD has two big pockets with zippers plus 7 adjustable straps for best body's fit. Adjustable straps are on: top (shoulders), front and both sides. At the front You will also find 4 way lash tab, it can be used to fix watch, knife or whatever You need while paddling. PFD's, same as our kayaks and paddles, are made in Poland. PFD was designed for touring, however thanks to adjustable straps is good choice to perform good rolls. 

Damiano from Gnarly Dog News
Tess from The Ocean Dragons

We got already some good reveiws about our PFD. One to our's delight was made by Christopher Crowhurst from >>Qajaq Rolls :

"The Rebel PFD is a kayak rollers dream."
"It has an awesome feature, each foam panel can be removed and modified easily, they are held in place behind monster Velcro sealed pockets. Most PFDs get in my way when training, I particularly struggled last weekend to get low in the foredeck of my ocean cockpit Shrike, I found myself wanting to shape the chest panels to allow me to get lower. Now I can."
Rebel PFD : Front

Rebel PFD :Back
Do You have any questions regarding our vest? Write us on or leave a comment. We are here to answer You.

Monday, 14 July 2014

Nordic Tour after the storm

Almost two months passed away from our last post, it because we are in peak season. We have a lot of work and a lot happen around us. Finally it's our first season.

As most of You already know that we are supporting Nordic Tour by Helen Wilson and Mark Tozer. They use Greenalnd T and Ilaga.
Few weeks ago Helen & Mark have had an accident on the way to Oslo. They were traveling with their bus and with the kayaks on the roof. They have rolled the van and stopped at trees. Lucky they are really fine, nothing serious happened to them and this is most important and good thing. Unluckily car and kayaks were totaly crashed.  After few days of convalescence they decided to continue their Nordic Tour and keep teaching the rolls.
If You would like to learn more, please visit their article: >>The day we rolled the van .
Now they are travelling with Johan's private car (Volvo of course;). We managed to replaced their kayak, one from our west coast delaer: KajakCenter i Grebbestad. Thank You Mats for that! Another one is a private Johan's kayak: Rebel Ilaga with wooden finish.

In general this accident could has big impact on Tour plus Mark&Helen personally, however thanks to many good people they are now fine and all problems were solved. Now is time to go forward!
Like Helen wrote on blog: "Life must go on, and we’re very grateful that we still have that life…"
At the time we are writing this post Helen and Mark are already in Greenland...  They will be back in Scandinavia around 23 of july.

new kayaks for Helen Wilson & Mark Tozer

Monday, 19 May 2014

Rebellion in Denmark! First Rebel Kayaks are already available at KajakGaarden.

We are pleased to announced that REBEL is now on in DENMARK! We wrote in one of previous post:
"Today we have started production of the first kayaks ordered from our Scandinavian partners. We are very excited because REBEL is becoming a reality."
Now we can say that REBEL became reality also in Denmark.  We are extremely happy and delighted to work with such partners in DK. A few days after delivery we already received some great photos taken by Michael (Kajakgaarden owner) and the first feedback from a happy user of a Greenland T. You can see him rolling on our Facebook profile >>here. Jan sent us a video on facebook just a few hours after he received his kayak. Can there be something more rewarding?


Kajakgaarden has Ilaga & Greenland T models already in stock. Also our wooden Greenland paddles are available at >>Kajakgaarden. The second shop where the Rebels will be available is >>Kano & Kajak Butikken. In total both brand have 4 shops in Denmark.

We took this opportunity and asked Michael (Kajakgaarden owner) a few questions.

Rebel:Could you tell us more about the shop and your history of how you got involved with the kayak market?

Michael (Kajakgaarden): Originally  I was working as a police officer in Copenhagen, than I took a year of leave and enrolled in an Outdoor Activity Guide course at the university of Copenhagen. I specialised in Sea Kayaking. Once I graduated I re-joined the police but started to do jobs and planned courses and events in different places around Denmark. Eventually we moved to the West side of Denmark, bought a little house at the sea and started our own business offering courses and education for seakayakers. In extension of that people started to ask for equipment and kayaks, so we evolved our little business from our home. In 2008 we were offered a place for our business at the harbour in Kolding and we accepted.

Rebel: .. and now You have already two shops in Denmark?

Michael (Kajakgaarden): That's right. Kajakgaarden Kolding opened the 1th of march 2008 with a concept to stock quality kayaks and equipment while offering a lot of knowledge about our products. In spring 2010 we opened our second shop in Aarhus.

Rebel: Why You decided to start your relation with Rebel Kayaks?

Michael (Kajakgaarden): My relationship with Johan Wirsen started when I met him at Paddle Expo andimmediately I communicated very well with him. Later on we met again at a sales weekend in Estonia. We had some drinks and a good long talk about kayaks as well as a lot of other things. I regard Johan's skills as a designer very highly. He has great knowledge of boat designs and craftsmanship, and with his remarkable personality it has been a pleasure to work with him. When he told me that he wanted to bring back passion into the paddlesport and move away from the cold hearted business attitudes  that he had experienced in earlier business relationships, and re-establish his designs under the Rebel Brand, I immediately told him that if he wanted to work with me I was ready to support both his thoughts and his business. Fortunately we now have recived our first Rebel Kayaks, and they look great and very sturdy. From here we look very much forward to work with Johan and Rebel in the future and also to bring back some healthy attitudes to the paddlesport market.

Rebel: Now You have 2 shops, but You also cooperate with Kano & Kajak Butikken, which actually has two other shops. Cooperation between two shops in one country is quite uniqe, isn't it?

Michael (Kajakgaarden):I met Peter for the first time while I was at the Outdoor Guide Course and bought some stuff from him. Later on, when I opened my own shop, we had some good discussions on how to run a business and cooperate, ­and we have been doing so since. It has also been a pleasure to work with Peter and we have a lot of things in common on how to do business as well as we carry a lot of the same brands in our stores. And now also Rebel Kayaks :­-)

All photos by Michael Schuh from KajakGarden


Friday, 16 May 2014

though for weekend and for all your outdoor activity :)

Place: Rugen Island
Kayak: Greenland T
Lay-up: Sandwich
Paddle: Prototype

Vest: Aquarius Traper Guide 
Clothes: Peak UK 3X fabric

Feel free to share, just please credit to

Friday, 11 April 2014

Wooden Greenland paddles by Rebel Kayaks

Now in production! Our Greenland paddles are now in production and are currently offered in 3 different models\sizes. All of them are made from Pacific Red Cedar and reinforced with edges of Fraxinus.
On the bottom of loom the shoulders is pronounced to create an index where your thumbs will sit. The top side is smoother for a softer grip of your palm on the paddle.  The advantage of  a wooden paddle is that you can adjust it a bit and customize it yourself  for a personal  grip or feel. You can just carve or sand away a little bit at the time until you find your "own grip. After you have been using it for a while you oil it again, and have the nice feeling of holding on to wood.

Top: Storm / Middle: Standard / Bottom: Big Blade

Greenland Wooden Paddles details:

  • Length: 218 cm
  • Weight: 0,8 kg
  • Blade width: 85 mm
  • Big Blade in use
  • Loom length: 50 cm
  • Design: Johan Wirsén
  • Wood:  Pacific Red Cedar & Fraxinus
Big Blade
  • Length: 218 cm
  • Weight: 0,85 kg
  • Blade width: 100 mm
  • Loom length: 50 cm
  • Design: Johan Wirsén
  • Wood:  Pacific Red Cedar & Fraxinus
Storm Blade
  • Length: 184 cm
  • Weight: 0,6 kg
  • Blade width: 85 mm
  • Loom length: 20 cm
  • Design: Johan Wirsén
  • Wood:  Pacific Red Cedar & Fraxinus
Please remember that our paddles are not mass produced but crafted by the hands of experienced artisans. The weight & color of paddles can vary as they are made out of wood :)

Thursday, 13 March 2014

Interview with Johan Wirsen by Damiano Visocnik from GnarlyDog News blog

Learn more about Johan Wirsen: great designer of greenland style kayaks but also a sea kayak enthusiast.
Did You know that Johan has designed rowing and sailing boats too? Do You know what Johan thinks about sea kayak sailing?

You can read part of interview below and if You would like to read full interview go to GnarlyDog News blog.  >>GnarlyDog link

GDN: You have started a new brand of sea kayaks called Rebel: why another brand ?

JH: You know, since 2001 I have been working independently with kayak designs for a number of companies.(...)But as you know, the kayak business is also quite dirty and some of the companies I have been working with were also very greedy, so I have decided to terminate some contract with the “big ones” and start all over with this new little company Rebel Kayaks and try to keep the passion for the sport and paddling alive for myself.

GDN: Where and when will these kayak be available?
"Designer with his baby"

JH: For the moment we are that lucky that we have been contacted by so many high end retailers, dealers and customers that we can’t satisfied them all!! (...).

GDN: What style of kayaks are you focusing on under your brand Rebel?

JH: The first two models that we put into production are my two Greenland styled kayaks: the “ILAGA” and the ”T”. Those are the type of kayaks that I personally feel a lot for, and since they are well known they are like a signature for me. (...)

GDN:I notice a certain consistency of style in your creations even if the kayaks that you have designed have different goals in mind. How did you get involved in boat design and what is the driving force for your passion?

JH: Born on an island, and growing up with a father that had all kinds of boats (anything from fishing to sailing and even a water-ski boat) it is not that unusual that I got this interest and eventually I went to school to become a boat builder. I have always tried to build or rebuild my own stuff, even motorbikes!

GDN: Sea kayak sailing: what do you think of that?

JH: I must admit that I have not experienced sailing with a kayaks before I visited Australia. But I really got hooked! (...)

GDN: Last words?
Rebel Greenland T kayak at Oland Island

JH: Well I guess that would be: With paddling try to make it your own journey.(...)

GnarlyDog News -One of the  most recognized paddling blog on Earth and region. Like he wrote on blog: 
"How do I find the time to do all this? simple: I got rid of my TV. That's right,"

See full article here  >>GnarlyDog News

Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Rolling a Rebel Ilaga by Johan Wirsen - VIDEO HD

See how Johan rolls with his own designed greenland kayak. We present you the very first video of the Rebel Ilaga. In this video Johan is using a prototype version of Ilaga. Spring is approaching Europe and this season we hope to make more videos featuring REBEL KAYAKS.
We also hope to see this season your videos and photos with our kayaks. So... once you get your Rebel kayak do not hesitate to send us & share with us some nice shots!

Paddle: Greenland Standard Blade
Place: Puck Bay / Baltic Sea / Poland

Would You like to see video with Greenland T? Go to our previous post >>post

Thursday, 20 February 2014

Rebel news: Schedule 2014 for The Nordic Tour by Helen Wilson and Mark Tozer

Johan Wirsen, Helen Wilson & Mark Tozer
The Nordic Tour is coming soon to Europe; it starts in just over three months and this year the Nordic Tour, with Helen Wilson & Mark Tozer, will be supported by Rebel Kayaks.
Mark and Helen will run their rolling clinics using exclusively Rebel kayaks. If you are interested to learn more about the partnership between Greenland or Bust and Rebel Kayaks you can click here to learn more >> GOB&REBEL. For the whole duration of the Nordic Tour Helen & Mark will use a Rebel Ilaga and one Rebel T model. This is a great opportunity for all participants to check and test our Greenland kayaks. Below is the full list of places where Helen Wilson & Mark Tozer will teach.

Nordic Tour 2014:
  • May 24 to 25 – Helsingborg, Sweden
  • May 31 to June 1 – Bergen, Norway
  • June 7 to 9 – Fitjar, Norway
  • June 14 to 15 – Bekkjarvik, Norway
  • June 19 to 22 – Oslo, Norway
  • June 27 to 29 – Copenhagen, Denmark
  • July 4 to 5 – Grebbestad, Sweden
  • July 24 to August 4 – Nynashamn, Sweden
  • August 5 to 7 – Stockholm, Sweden
  • August 9 to 10 – Mora, Sweden
  • August 12 to 14 – Karlstad, Sweden
  • August 16 to 17 – Frederiksværk, Denmark
  • August 20 to 21 – Svendborg, Denmark
  • August 23 – Malmo, Sweden
  • August 24 – Karlshamn, Sweden
  • August 29 to 31 – Sandhamn, Sweden

Helen and Mark’s Rebel Greenland T and Ilaga are in Sandwich Plus construction. Learn more about Rebel's lay up construction in previous post >>Lay up construction

This year's Nordic Tour is going to be huge and biggest ever: Helen and Mark will visit now 15 places in 3 countries: Sweden, Norway and Denmark.
The Nordic Tour will start on West Coast Water Festival in Tanumstrand / Grebbestad in Sweden. This Festival will take place on: 24-26 of May 2014.
If you are passionate about Greenland techniques and are available, get more info about participating by emailing: 

Friday, 7 February 2014

Greenland kayaks - lay up constructions

Johan working on T model plug
Today we have started production of the first kayaks ordered from our Scandinavian partners. We are very excited because REBEL is becoming a reality.
It has been a long time since the inception, when we were planning, thinking, designing and testing. The time has come where Rebel Kayaks is a reality; no longer just only in our minds or in a digital world (on this blog and our fanpage).
We can now say: THE REBEL IS ON!

If interested in our kayak lay-up construction here are the details explaining what materials we use and the fit-out components inside.


Sandwich PRO:
  • Materials: Carbon  – Cork core - Epoxy resin
  • Foootrest: SmartTrack
  • Skeg: Integrated box+ KajakSport
  • Clear coat hull: Standard

Sandwich Plus:
  • Materials: Carbon&Kevlar - Cork&Spheretex core - Epoxy resin
  • Footrest: SmartTrack Standard
  • Skeg: Integrated box+ KajakSport
  • Clear coat hull: Optional

  • Materials: Kevlar&Diolen - Spheretex core -  Epoxy resin (2015 NEW!)
  • Footrest: SmartTrack Standard
  • Skeg: Integrated box + KajakSport
  • Clear coat hull: Not available

Kayakas available in this RAL colors:
  • Red - 3002
  • Cream white - 9010
  • Black – 9005
Of course other colors are available on special request

Greenland wooden paddles:
  • Sizes: Standard , Big Blade, Storm Blade
  • Weight: 0,7 – 0,8 Kg
  • Material: Pacific Red Cedar
  • Reinforcement: Fraxinus
Any question? Please feel free to post comment or write to us!

Friday, 31 January 2014

Production version of Ilaga and T model finally realesed at boat expo in Goteborg

Good news, everyone!:)
Johan Wirsen & Ilaga

All the changes & upgrades are now finished; it means there no more prototypes for Ilaga and T model. Our Greenlands are ready to go!

There is a unique opportunity to see first units is Båtmässan (Swedish Boat Show) in Göteborg from 1 to 9 of February 2014.

At the Expo we will show:

  • construction: Sandwich PRO
  • Color: Black
  • weight: 16,7 kg (fully equipped)

T model
  • construction: customized Sandwich PRO
  • color:  Red deck with transparent carbon hull
  • weight: 17,8 kg (fully equipped)

Wooden Greenland Paddle in 3 versions:
  • Standard blade
  • Big Blade
  • Storm Blade

We will be there together with our regional dealer & partner Mats Torwmo from KajakCenter in Grebbestad.

Soon we will release all the information about upgrades, construction versions and full offer. Stay tuned!