Wednesday, 31 December 2014

First season of Rebel is already over - summary by Janusz

It's been awhile since we've written a new post... It's winter but we are still quite busy:)

Bruddesta, Oland Island, Sweden. Photo: Janusz Kowalski
Our first season of Rebel on the market is now done. We are happy that we could supply all of orders we received.
We are now present in whole of Scandinavia and West Europe; plus in Japan. We also have the very first Rebel kayakers in Iceland and Belgium. Soon we will have our kayaks in Italy and South Korea. It will be second country after Japan outside Europe!

We received some nice reviews recently and we are happy to share them:

Rebel in Belgium. Photo: Phil Evans
Phil from Belgium wrote to us after a few days of using his Greenland T:

"I have had many, many positive reactions on the water. It's like going out with the most beautiful girl in the school. :-) Thanks again for doing such a great job"

Larus from Iceland

"kayaks looks great. I look forward to try mine on the water"

Sveinn from Iceland

"We finally got the kayaks today.  I took it out for short test paddle this evening.  Loved it.
I have to give you a credit for how well you packed the kayaks into the box.  Very professional.  The kayaks are superb and the production is with high quality."

What can be more rewarding? NOTHING!

Where we are not present yet? We are not present in Germany and USA. Why are we mentioning this? Because while we got many private inquiries from this two countries we still do not have any dealers there. So... if You are wondering about that, pleas ask your local shop why they don't have any Rebels in stock yet ;).

Last words? hmm... There is a new kayak coming for 2015 season! Johan will write something more about that soon. Stay tuned! 


Ilaga & Volvo SUV. Photo: Eva Finder

All quotes above have permission to publicate. Photos : Janusz Kowalski, Eva Finder & Phil Evans.