Thursday, 18 June 2015

5 New videos by Helen Wilson you need to see - learn how to roll a kayak

These are a short videos of Helen Wilson and Rebel Ilaga demonstrating rolling techniques during a practice session in Norway as part of our 2015 Nordic Tour. Videos by Mark Tozer

Simplifying The Roll: ROLLS IN GREENLANDIC
This is a short video of Helen completing three rolls and saying their names in Greenlandic.

Simplifying The Roll: ROLL IN SLOW MOTION!

Simplifying The Roll: CIGAR ROLL

Simplifying The Roll: SHOTGUN ROLL

Simplifying The Roll: BEHIND THE NECK ROLL

Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Rebel Husky - new sea kayak by Rebel Kayaks

We have some news for you! Until now, we only had 2 greenland kayaks in the Rebel range. Today we want to introduce you our new kayak. We called it Husky, because Huskies are a hard working and friendly dogs - same as our new kayak!

Husky's features

With a rocker and more symmetrical hull-shape this is one playful kayak. Hard chine, flat V-shaped bottom with fine endings towards bow and stern, it's made to maneuver. It has a low profile and very easy to roll. It features stainless steel rods for a towing system or to lock on a roof rack plus has lots of cords on the deck for al of your stuff / gear.


  • Lenght: 520 cm
  • Width: 53 cm
  • Cocpit: 83 x 45 cm
  • Weight: 20 - 22 kg
  • Capacity: 130 kg
  • Skeg: Standard
  • Rudder: Option 
First unit of Rebel Husky

Why Husky? 

One of my first “Greenland” style kayaks was called Husky and this version is something like MK 5 or 6, but still has a lot in common with the concept. Recent significant change is, that we put some more rocker into the hull. We were pleased with the deck-layout so, we didn't change nothing there. For a person up to 90kg it’s a real playboat and even with some load, it will be a working dog during  a few days trip. This version is Low Volume.

left: Husky LV & right: Ilaga

Test & Try

Remember, that you can check out Husky during the Nordic Tour by Mark Tozer & Helen Wilson. They run rolling classes around Scandinavia, starting in May, until end of August. They also have Ilaga and T model with them! More info >>here

So try it out, cause it's a rock and roller!
Johan Wirsén