Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Helen Wilson on Rebel Team! Partnership between Greenland or Bust and Rebel

Mark Tozer and  Helen Wilson from Greenland or Bust are officially ambassadors of Rebel Kayaks.

We are proud and very excited to announce that Helen Wilson and Mark Tozer have joined the Rebel Kayaks team.

Helen wrote on her blog:

"He (Johan) asked Mark and I if we’d become ambassadors for Rebel Kayaks. We are thrilled to announce that we have accepted his offer. This decision was made for several reasons. First, the Greenland is the kayak that I was originally impressed by,(...). Second, Johan is a wonderful person and a good friend. He has put his heart, soul and a ton of money into designing several kayaks that are now recognized worldwide, and for good reason. We have full faith in the quality of his kayaks, which are being manufactured by Aquarius, located in Poland, and we can honestly say, he’s a real kayaker, an awesome person, a great designer and a good friend, and we want to support him and his new company, Rebel Kayaks. We hope that you’ll join us in this support."

Helen and Mark will come to Scandinavia for their Nordic Tour 2014. They are planning to teach kayak lessons in Sweden, Norway and Denmark. If You are intrested please check further details at Greenland or Bust blog.

Helen Wilson
She is one of the most recognized sea kayakers in the world. Helen from Arcata, California, specializes in traditional Greenland paddling. Helen took part in Greenland National Kayaking Championship in 2008 (Qaqortoq, Greenland) and in 2010 (Nuuk, Greenland) where she gained 5 medals in 4 disciplines.
From time to time she writes for Sea Kayaker magazine, The Masik and Ocean Paddler magazine.

From left: Johan Wirsen, Helen Wilson and Mark Tozer
Mark Tozer
On his blog it reads:"Mark Tozer has been messing around in all kinds of boats in all kinds of waters as an active paddler and coach for the past 25 years, with sea kayaking being his specialism." Now Mark, together with Helen, teaches paddling skills around the world.
He is a coach  trainer examiner under the British Canoe Union Star Award. He gained a number of BCU awards inluding the coveted Level 5 Coach (SEA).
He has paddled in Alaska, Greenland, Morocco, Tanzania, Kenya, Ecuador and many more.  Mark has a PhD in expedition leadership (an impressive achievement!)