Friday, 7 February 2014

Greenland kayaks - lay up constructions

Johan working on T model plug
Today we have started production of the first kayaks ordered from our Scandinavian partners. We are very excited because REBEL is becoming a reality.
It has been a long time since the inception, when we were planning, thinking, designing and testing. The time has come where Rebel Kayaks is a reality; no longer just only in our minds or in a digital world (on this blog and our fanpage).
We can now say: THE REBEL IS ON!

If interested in our kayak lay-up construction here are the details explaining what materials we use and the fit-out components inside.


Sandwich PRO:
  • Materials: Carbon  – Cork core - Epoxy resin
  • Foootrest: SmartTrack
  • Skeg: Integrated box+ KajakSport
  • Clear coat hull: Standard

Sandwich Plus:
  • Materials: Carbon&Kevlar - Cork&Spheretex core - Epoxy resin
  • Footrest: SmartTrack Standard
  • Skeg: Integrated box+ KajakSport
  • Clear coat hull: Optional

  • Materials: Kevlar&Diolen - Spheretex core -  Epoxy resin (2015 NEW!)
  • Footrest: SmartTrack Standard
  • Skeg: Integrated box + KajakSport
  • Clear coat hull: Not available

Kayakas available in this RAL colors:
  • Red - 3002
  • Cream white - 9010
  • Black – 9005
Of course other colors are available on special request

Greenland wooden paddles:
  • Sizes: Standard , Big Blade, Storm Blade
  • Weight: 0,7 – 0,8 Kg
  • Material: Pacific Red Cedar
  • Reinforcement: Fraxinus
Any question? Please feel free to post comment or write to us!

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