Monday, 14 July 2014

Nordic Tour after the storm

Almost two months passed away from our last post, it because we are in peak season. We have a lot of work and a lot happen around us. Finally it's our first season.

As most of You already know that we are supporting Nordic Tour by Helen Wilson and Mark Tozer. They use Greenalnd T and Ilaga.
Few weeks ago Helen & Mark have had an accident on the way to Oslo. They were traveling with their bus and with the kayaks on the roof. They have rolled the van and stopped at trees. Lucky they are really fine, nothing serious happened to them and this is most important and good thing. Unluckily car and kayaks were totaly crashed.  After few days of convalescence they decided to continue their Nordic Tour and keep teaching the rolls.
If You would like to learn more, please visit their article: >>The day we rolled the van .
Now they are travelling with Johan's private car (Volvo of course;). We managed to replaced their kayak, one from our west coast delaer: KajakCenter i Grebbestad. Thank You Mats for that! Another one is a private Johan's kayak: Rebel Ilaga with wooden finish.

In general this accident could has big impact on Tour plus Mark&Helen personally, however thanks to many good people they are now fine and all problems were solved. Now is time to go forward!
Like Helen wrote on blog: "Life must go on, and we’re very grateful that we still have that life…"
At the time we are writing this post Helen and Mark are already in Greenland...  They will be back in Scandinavia around 23 of july.

new kayaks for Helen Wilson & Mark Tozer

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