Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Rebel PFD for rolling and touring

Have You seen our PFD? If not just take a look :)

Our PFD has two big pockets with zippers plus 7 adjustable straps for best body's fit. Adjustable straps are on: top (shoulders), front and both sides. At the front You will also find 4 way lash tab, it can be used to fix watch, knife or whatever You need while paddling. PFD's, same as our kayaks and paddles, are made in Poland. PFD was designed for touring, however thanks to adjustable straps is good choice to perform good rolls. 

Damiano from Gnarly Dog News
Tess from The Ocean Dragons

We got already some good reveiws about our PFD. One to our's delight was made by Christopher Crowhurst from >>Qajaq Rolls :

"The Rebel PFD is a kayak rollers dream."
"It has an awesome feature, each foam panel can be removed and modified easily, they are held in place behind monster Velcro sealed pockets. Most PFDs get in my way when training, I particularly struggled last weekend to get low in the foredeck of my ocean cockpit Shrike, I found myself wanting to shape the chest panels to allow me to get lower. Now I can."
Rebel PFD : Front

Rebel PFD :Back
Do You have any questions regarding our vest? Write us on info@rebelkayaks.com or leave a comment. We are here to answer You.

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