Friday, 11 October 2013

Rebel on Paddle Expo 2013

Last week at Paddle Expo we were busy with talking to customers receiving good feedback while keeping our fingers crossed for REBEL.

We are happy that so many paddlers appreciated the return of the original, the "real" Greenland! (in regards to the current models that are available on the market from the competition).
"I want this one, the real one" - This is what we heard a lot of times...

Thank you all for the great response and support, that we received at Kanumesse last week. It was more than we ever hoped for!
So now we know more than ever that we will see you on water soon.

It was really great for us to meet You with all folks!

Yours sincerely Johan Wirsén
boat builder/designer


  1. What makes the Rebel Greenland more "real" than the Tahe/Zegul Greenland models?

  2. Maybe because Rebel Kayaks are designed by Johan Wirsen and he built and CREATED "Greeland" and Greenland T, no Hans Friedel like Tahe wrote now on catalogue.